Municipal Project for the City of Jacksonville, Oregon ‘E’, ‘F’ & Oregon Street Pedestrian Improvements

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) scheduled to remove and replace State Highway 238 which runs through downtown Jacksonville. Detours around this project were necessary. “E”, “F” and Oregon Streets were to be used for the detours.


The City of Jacksonville contracted with KAS & Associates, Inc. to design improvements such as curb, gutter and sidewalks using a variety of sidewalk finishes. Traffic calming bulbs were added as well as accessible ramps at intersections, new on-street parking areas, pedestrian and driveway approaches, new bridge railings and associated storm drainage improvements.KAS & Associates, Inc. provided civil engineering design, contract document preparation, inspections, change orders, estimates, contract administration and construction engineering management services for street, bicycle and pedestrian improvements to three local streets.


The timely completions of these improvements allowed them to be used as effective detours around the Highway 238 construction and are a welcomed amenity to the community.