Municipal Project for the City of Phoenix, Oregon South Phoenix Road and Furry Street Improvements

Completed in two phases, this project was done in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) in preparation of future Interstate 5 interchange work. This project had many challenging features, which encompassed many facets of civil and structural engineering.


The First Phase included preparation for improving Fern Valley Road. The street was designed to accommodate very heavy truck traffic from the interchange to South Phoenix Road.  This included design of new water line, new sewer line, new storm drain, sidewalks on both sides of the street, bike lanes and design of a new bridge over Payne Creek.

The Second Phase included Wet Land Mitigation.

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KAS & Associates, Inc. provided civil engineering design including Sanitary Sewer, Water, Storm Drainage and Irrigation Piping. Accommodation for future commercial development, Right-of-Way and utility easement acquisition. Wetland removal and mitigation. Landscaping and Lighting. Structural concrete block retaining walls and sound walls. The completed project paved the way for future development on the east side of Phoenix and Interstate 5. It also opened up additional commercial property for development.